Table Settings-Christmas Style

Sitting down to Christmas dinner with family is one of the best parts of the holidays. Laughing, reminiscing, and great food with loved ones is always a good time. To help you all prepare for the day, we have put together a photo gallery of different table settings to get you in the festive mindset!

Classic Christmas

Red, green, and white are obviously the basic Christmas-time colors, but they don’t have to be basic and boring. If you love tradition, these table setting ideas are perfect for you and your family this holiday season.


Modern and New

If you love everything modern and fresh, try it on your dining table. It can still be festive while giving Christmas in your house a fresh new twist.

Glitz and Glam

If sequins, sparkles, and metallic anything appeals to you, then don’t be afraid to go all out in your dining room. It will make your guests feel like they are at an extravagant dinner party while still giving a “make yourself at home” vibe.


While hues of blue are more winter then Christmas, these ideas are all so great that you can’t help but want to try them! Also, they are great for those who celebrate Hanukkah rather than Christmas. There are so many ways to use blue as well. Rustic, elegant, quirky, they all look great!

Fun and Colorful

Maybe you love all the colors and just have to do something different and unique. Well, we have a few fun suggestions to brighten up your dining space this holiday season!


Rustic is really “in” right now. Continue this trend throughout your dining space with these amazing table settings.


This is a new trend and its super cool. Although there are few decorations, its very easy and simple, bringing a modest look to your table.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Keep warm out there!


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