Decorate Your House in Christmas!

We love decorating for the holiday season. If you get stressed when Christmas rolls around, don’t! We have some simple and gorgeous decorating ideas to help you get your house festive.


Being as this is such a popular decorating choice right now, we thought we’d kick off this post with some pretty, rustic Christmas decorating ideas. The great thing about rustic, you can still have color without it being boring. This look will give your house a warm and inviting feel.


This too is a fast growing trend. If you prefer clean lines and fun shapes to more natural decor, this more contemporary look is for you.

Classic and Traditional

A classic Christmas is always a great way to go when you don’t really have any idea of how you want to decorate your house. Just because its a traditional theme doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Think of new and fun ways to use the Christmas stuff you already have, and perhaps treat yourself to a few new decorations too. Try some of these ideas to get you started.

Colorful and Fun

This is always a great choice when decorating for the holidays. It reminds us of a Dr. Seuss movie, and who doesn’t love that?


Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Go all out with some of these glamorous Christmas ideas.


This is rustic stripped down to the basics. You know the saying, “A little goes a long way?” Well, in this case, its very true. You can still have a beautiful festive space without going overboard on the decorations.

Enjoy decorating and have a great holiday season from all of us here at Superior Floors.


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