Hey everyone. So we will be at the Times Union Home Expo in Albany, NY this weekend and we thought we would give some of you who may not be able to attend a preview of some of the things we can do. This post has some of our more popular species in their natural color. All can be extremely versatile, easily fitting into any style home.

1. Red Oak

Red Oak is the most popular type of flooring. It can be rustic or very modern and contemporary. Here, we are showcasing it in both Industrial and Modern. Its a 5″ Red Oak floor with a 10 sheen natural finish.

2. Birch

Birch is another wildly popular type of flooring. Its color can vary from dark pinks to almost white. It has some great character in it, including knots and streaks. This is really a great floor for both a rustic home or a sleek, modern home. This is 4 1/4″ Birch with a 10 sheen natural finish.


3. Maple

Maple and Birch are remarkably close when it comes to the look of the wood. However, maple with have more grey or red tints in the wood than Birch. Maple can be easier to incorporate into a modern or bohemian home, but rustic is definitely manageable. This is 5″ Maple with a 10 sheen natural finish.


4. Ash

A little more difficult to work with because of the nature of the wood, Ash isn’t as popular as some others, but still just as pretty. Ash is a little more yellow in color, but can be stained any color. Ash can be very versatile. This is 3 1/4″ Ash with a 10 sheen natural finish.

Don’t forget to come see us, Superior Floors, this weekend! We will be in booth 105A. Have a great weekend!


4397 Route 9 Warrensburg, NY 12885       518-623-2874


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