Get This Rustic Look!

This gorgeous dining room could be yours. Rustic and modern have been combined to create the perfect look for your home. Designers like Joanna Gaines have inspired the modern farmhouse and “fixer upper” looks and have made them irresistible. Don’t forget when shopping this look to sign up for the emails on some of these sites. You could save yourself some money and its usually free to sign up. The sites will often give coupons to new customers and will notify you about upcoming sales. Its a great way to get the look you love on a budget.

Adding plants to any space will give it that special touch it needs to feel welcoming. Plants never disappoint, so don’t be afraid to use all of your favorites. Originally, we were worried about making sure the plants matched, but our owner pointed out that plants really don’t match any one specific thing. So we chose to use these in this farmhouse look. Two in the galvanized stands and then add the succulents to the wooden box and use that as  quaint centerpiece on this gorgeous rustic table. Having an open buffet will allow you to show off your super pretty blue and white dishes and adding your favorite frame to this horse poster will really help bring the room together. Here’s where you can get these great pieces:

  1. Light Blocking Curtain Panel in Navy, by Room Essentials, original price $9.99 for one 42″x 84″, Target stores and
  2. Small Galvanized Letter, original price $9.99, Hobby Lobby stores and
  3. Snake Plant, original price $3.48 for 10 oz., Lowe’s stores.
  4. Assorted Desert Rose Echeveria Succulent Plant, original price $15.96 for 3 pack, Home Depot stores.
  5. Round Galvanized Planters, by Gerson Company, original price $43 for set of 2,
  6. Lonesome Horse Poster, original price $24.99 for 24″x 24″, Hobby Lobby stores and
  7. Long Centerpiece Box in Dark Walnut, by CountryByTheBumpkins, original price $25,
  8. Evoke Teale Power Loomed Area Rug in Ivory/Blue, by Safavieh, original price $138.11 for 6’7″x 9′,
  9. Farmhouse Hickory Circle Sawn hardwood flooring, by Superior Floors, original price $6.50 per sq. ft.,
  10. Aberdeen Wood Rectangular Dining Table in Weathered Worn White, by Riverside Furniture, original price $743,
  11. Large French Vineyard Metal Vintage Wall Clock, original price $17 for 14″,
  12. Penelle Contemporary Fabric Dining Chair in Rustic Oak, by Furniture of America, original price $122 for set of 2,
  13. Zamioculcas Plant, original price $11 for 1.9 quart plant, Lowe’s stores.
  14. Dinnerware Set in True Blue, by Cornell Livingware, original price $39.99 for 16 piece set,
  15. Wenoga Industrial Multi-Storage Buffet in Chestnut Brown, by Furniture of America, original price $259,


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