Janka Hardness Scale: 2900

Origin: Brazil, Peru, Suriname, Colombia, French Guiana, and Panama

Exotic hard wood

Grades Available

Typically, Bloodwood is milled in South America because it saves on costs. It will usually come in 1-7′ lengths and 2 1/4″ to 5″ widths as to fit into shipping containers. If long length boards are needed, raw lumber must be shipped to and milled in the U.S. This can cost up to twice the price because of labor and waste costs. Raw lumber is also extremely expensive because it is taxed highly to support the South American economies.

  • Clear grade Bloodwood will have a deep, consistent red color, and uses exclusively the heartwood of the tree. This is the most popular grade for this species.
  • Select and Better will have some yellow streaking from the sapwood.
  • Rustic Bloodwood has dramatic color variation. It will have dark red heartwood to white sapwood.