Curly Maple

Janka Hardness Scale: 1450

Origin: United States and Canada

Domestic hard wood

Grades Available

Curly Maple is from the sugar maple tree. The growth of the wood fibers becomes distorted in its pattern and creates wavy lines or “flames.” This feature is referred to as “figure” because the distortion is perpendicular to grain direction. When grading Maple, it is color sorted to separate the white sapwood and brown heartwood. When a curly piece of wood is found, whether white or brown, its separated for its premium price.

  • We have Select and Better Curly Maple. This will have some color variation, but is mostly consistent. There will be no other imperfections like knots or streaks in this grade.
  • There is also #1 Common Curly Maple, which will have small knots and mineral streaks.
  • We also offer #2 Common or Rustic grade Curly Maple. This will have all of the character naturally found in the wood.