Red Oak

Janka Hardness Scale: 1290

Origin: United States and Canada

This is the benchmark for the Janka Scale, and all other species are compared to Red Oak.

Grades Available

Red Oak is the most commonly used wood for flooring.

  • We have a Clear grade Red Oak, which is color sorted to have only the deep pink wood. This is the highest quality of Red Oak flooring. There is hardly any color variation and no surface defects or imperfections of any kind appear in this grade.
  • Select and Better is also color sorted to remove extreme amounts of variation, however there is a small amount of color variation in the grade.
  • #1 Common Red Oak is color sorted to remove only extreme color variation. Small imperfections like mineral streaks and small knots are present in this grade.
  • The last grade we offer is a #2 Common Red Oak. also known as Rustic grade. This grade will have all of the character naturally found in the wood.