Yellow Birch

Janka Hardness Scale: 1260

Origin: United States and Canada

Domestic hard wood

Grades Available

Birch is graded slightly different than some other woods. There are two different, more common species of Birch, but they come from the same tree. There is Yellow Birch, which is from the sapwood of the tree. There is also Red Birch, which is of the heartwood of the same tree. There is a rare grade as well called Curly Birch. This is created when the grain is wavy, looking like watered silk. Please refer to the Red Birch page or the Curly Birch page for more information.

  • For Yellow Birch, we offer a Select and Better grade. This has mostly yellow wood with some pink because Birch isn’t always perfectly color sorted. Its usually sorted based on grain. No imperfections such as wormholes, knots, or mineral streaks will be in this grade.
  • We also have #1 Common Yellow Birch that contains some character like knots, pink heartwood, and mineral streaks.
  • The last grade we offer is #2 Common Yellow Birch, or Rustic grade. This has all of the character naturally found in the wood. This includes knots, dark heartwood, mineral streaks, and other surface defects.